A young girl stands before a memorial to Ahmaud Arbery, near the Georgia site where two white men, one a retired police officer, shot and killed him in February. Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images (from New York Magazine)

Wondering how to help register voters from your couch? Want to participate in protesting for Black Lives Matter, but don’t want to risk any COVID-19 exposure? I am putting together a list of different links, apps, readings, etc. to help anyone who feels stuck at home yet wants to help out!

APPS (only iOS-checked):

  • VoterPal — Register Today (Contact elected representatives, register to vote quickly and easily)
  • 5 Calls: Contact Your Congress (Keep up to date on the latest initiatives in social-justice reform/organizations, make calls to local representatives/Congress)
  • Outvote (Follow your favorite progressive organizations and causes and get updates on simple ways to help. Amplify the national discussion on important issues, or mobilize for policy fights)
  • Gather — Conversation Starters (Encouraging fiends and family with opposing political views to record honest interviews with each other in an attempt to bright the country’s divides)
  • Apple News/WSJ/Flipboard/any news app (Stay informed on news you personally can trust and fact-check)
  • Lessons in Herstory (Brings to life forgotten stories of women, right on the pages of your own history textbook. Scan any portrait of a man in the textbook and unlock a related story about an important woman)
  • Black Nation (Support and discover Black-owned businesses — like law firms, restaurants, and toy stores — in your neighborhood and beyond)
  • Shrine (Founded by two women of color, Shrine teaches mindfulness and self-reflection to everyone through motivational daily texts and inspiring audio)

NEWS SOURCES/WEBSITES (reputable sources I use):

  • NPR
  • Reuters
  • AP
  • BBC
  • (especially for checking biases on both political ends)
  • C-SPAN




Of course, these are only a few options I could find/have listed because, quite frankly, there are endless opportunities to help out and resources to do so. Most of my information here came from this NY Magazine article: On social media, remember to keep energizing your followers/friends and keep momentum high. November, while close, is still far away, and much needed change is on its way if we all do our part to pitch in. Support your black and brown neighbors and friends. Now is not the time to be selfish or think “well, what about me?”. Hopefully this has helped and continue to spread your words and influence! Anything counts!



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